How to Decorate With Beverage Coasters

Beverage coasters are generally seen as away to brand any type of business but they are especially good at marketing a restaurant or bar business. The idea is that your customers are drinking off of coasters that have your name it on it. You can also use them to advertise certain types of beers, special drinks, bands that may be playing soon and all kinds of things. You can even buy them so they are themed for the holidays. Beer companies have been using them for ages simply because they are so effective.
Whether you are using them at home, in an office or at a restaurant that you run bar coasters can help protect surfaces from moisture. This is especially important if you have wood furniture. Beverage coasters can help prevent surfaces from being damaged.
There are a number of great ways you can put bar coasters to work for you. They are a great way to advertise your products and services including things like special drinks, upcoming events, bands that are playing, holiday specials and all kinds of things. They are very effective at creating brand awareness which is why beer companies have been using them for ages.
A problem with coasters has always been that the bottom of the glass can stick to them. This is especially true of tile coasters. The bottom of the coaster sticks to the glass and then it drops to the floor and smashes and breaks. One of the most unique developments in the industry of tile coasters is AbsorbaStone. These are coasters that have a rough finish that keeps them from bonding with the bottom of the glass. This type of coaster is usually backed by cork or rubber to keep them from skidding across the table.
Cocktail coasters are also popular and used to advertise all kinds of things. Some people just get them printed up because they have a great joke or concept that they want to share with their friends. They make great novelty gifts.
Many people also have custom cocktail coasters made up to celebrate something like a birthday or wedding. Cocktail coasters come in all kinds of materials too including wood, glossy board, acrylic, glass and metal. The most basic type of coaster is still made out of cork. These are usually squares or circles into which some sort of advertisement has been inked.
There are also many places online where you can get your business logo branded onto beverage coasters. These make a great Christmas gift. These places online that sell customized beverage coasters ask you to upload an image which is then printed not o the coaster. You can order these types of personalized coasters individually or by bulk. Obviously if you are a business you will want to order them in bulk. The beauty is that you can have any type of message printed up on a ceramic tile they way you would a T-shirt or a mug. It is a great way to get the word out about your services or business.