More Ways of Decorating with Lampe Berger Styles

The Lampe Berger lines of alcohol lamps that deodorize the room are very inspirational and very inspirational. It would be easy to just come up with an entire room that is created around them.

Lamp Berger makes a line of alcohol lamps that are completely red. There is a dark Chinese red, boat shaped ceramic style of lamp that would suit any oriental style of décor. There is also a more seventies style called Generous Red that is that tomato red that is reminiscent of a big bottle of nail polish from the 1950s. It has a very simple red ceramic bottle with a black top that suits many styles.

In the Flame line of Lamp Berger are two beautiful bottles made out of graduated glass that is dark on the bottom and clear at the top. There is a fuchsia egg shaped style with a silver top and clear red style that would look good in almost any décor. There is also a very large seventies style flask made out of red glass with a silver venting top that looks exactly like a giant ruby and that would go with Victorian decors or contemporary Italian decors.

The Lampe Berger also makes a line of very cute purple lamps. The swirl type is a deep violet that would look good on Victorian dressing table. There is also a ballerina skirt style that is half glass and half dark purple color. For those who have a white or purple mod décor there is a trapezoidal violet colored lamp that graduates into clear glass at the top.

The Oceans line of Lampe Berger covers some of the green and blue glass styles of alcohol burning lamps that the company makes. There is a dark forest green swirl bottle that would look amazing on a pink vanity table. There is also a forest green square bottle and a forest green emerald lamp that looks exactly like a giant emerald.

If you want a more seventies retro color and style then there is a bottle in David Hockney aqua that is triangular shaped at the base and shades in lacquer color from the base upwards.

There is also a style that is frosted called Galet Vert that looks like a giant piece of flat sea glass that would look great in a rustic décor, a contemporary décor or in a cottage by the sea.

How to Decorate Safely With Vintage Floor Lamps

Before you buy a floor lamp there are certain things that you might want to keep in mind. First of all you need to know that floor lamps were considered to be more dangerous than other lamps until the last decade or so when technology and good design helped fix some of the problems that made this style of lamp flawed in the first place.

For instance, historically, floor lamps have always been known to tip over. Nowadays there is a standard that contemporary floor lamps must meet call the UL “tipability” standard. This means that the floor lamp you are buying has a much heavier base and there is less danger of it falling over and landing, say, on a sofa cushion and setting it on fire.

Yet another feature of floor lamps that made them dangerous for years was the cords. The cords were made of cloth and easily caught fire with the slightest of power surges. Nowadays floor lamps are made with a plastic zip cord rather than the old cloth cords. The old cloth cords also used to fray and it was much easier for an animal or child to chew through them or get accidentally shocked just by touching it.

The fact that most antique lamps do not have a standardized non-tippable base or a safe electrical cord is why you are probably better off to buy a new floor lamp then one from an antique store. It is just safer. Yet another reason is that the very old floor lamps attached their lampshades through a wire clamp that was attached to the shade itself. This style of clamp for attaching light bulbs is also obsolete.

However if you do find the floor lamp of your dreams there is no reason why you can’t take it to an electrician or antique dealer to see what can be done to refurbish it. This is done all of the time to recycle old floor lamps. It is probably a good idea not to try and rewire an old lamp yourself unless you are an experienced electrician.

Although rewiring and old floor lamp is easy, making sure the base is stable is not. All it takes is one wild child or unruly dog to tip it over and you could have a fire on your hands.

Floor lamps come in an incredible number of styles nowadays including all of the retro looks that you would find in an antique store and all of the more contemporary styles. LampsPlus coupon codes has discount codes for LampsPlus which is a store with a huge selection. As you browse online to shop for floor lamps it is quite common to find them in every style imaginable including Mission, Seventies Retro, Tiffany, Art Deco, Arts and Crafts, Country, Late Victorian and Gas. You can also find modern Swedish styles that include shades shaped like upside down frying pans and large metallic mixing bowls. Nowadays they also come in every type of finish and shade including glass, porcelain and brushed metal.