How to Decorate a Valentine’s Day Tree

Did you know that there is more to life than Christmas trees? You can also make Valentine’s Day trees. These are merry little trees that are similar to the traditional holiday trees but instead of ornaments, you can put knicks and deor to do with love on it.

The first thing you might want to reimagine is the color of the tree. A pink or orange tree is right for this type of celebration. The more Barbie like and precious the tree is the better it will work out.

The tree can be big or small and be used as a table centerpiece. The more efficient you are about the design of it the more elegant it will look as well. Here are some idea for some themes –

• The white tree decorated with chocolate hearts wrapped in red foil.
• The white tree decorated in tiny white lights, crystals, pearls and tiny blue gift boxes.
• The red tree decorated with gold and silver hearts and a strand of pearls.
• The pink tree decorated with hearts in gold wrapped foil in different sizes.
• Any color of tree decorated entirely in Hershey’s chocolate kisses.

All trees look beautiful tied with ribbons. One very nice tree is an artificial pink tree tied with big pink and white ribbons and festooned with pink roses and orchids. Make sure you crown this tree with a beautiful big peony.

Of the arterial trees the ones made out of boas and feathers look the most ethereal and lovely.

Don’t forget you can find heart shaped lights in novelty stores to string around these trees as a garland.

Another cute idea, that is good for the environment is to recycle Valentine’s Day cards from the past and tie them to the tree.

You do not have to use a fir tree of some kind. The naked branches of a deciduous tree can look nice, especially if you paint them pink or silver. You can then hang silver beads or foil covered candies from the tree to give it some flair.

Some people make entire chocolate trees out of large molds that look like tree branches at this time of the year. White bark melted with strawberry or cinnamon accents make a love decoration that is also edible.

Not only are Valentine’s Day trees pretty they are a great way to recycle and make more use of any artificial trees you may have around.

How to Decorate A Kid’s Room With Pre-School Crafts

Finger-painting is where it is at when it comes to preschool crafts. All you need is bowls or shallow plates filled with different colors of water-based paint. The child, who is hopefully wearing old clothes, is then allowed to dip his or her palm print in paint and press it onto a piece of paper. Spreading a piece of plastic on the floor and table areas is also recommended whenever you are dealing with finger-painted preschool crafts.

A child’s painted handprint pressed onto a heart shaped piece of paper is one of the simplest gifts that a preschooler can give to a family. Another popular version of this preschool craft is to have the preschool press his or her palm into a slab of wet clay. The clay is then left to dry, painted and presented as a plaque to mom, grandma or whoever else would cherish such a personal and heartfelt gift for Christmas, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. At Christmas, single handprints can be dangled from the Christmas tree and used as decorations.

Among the most popular of preschool Easter crafts is the hand-printed daisy. This consists of a number of children placing their palm prints onto a large piece of paper in a circular fashion so the end result resembles the petals of a large flower. Another version of this preschool craft project is to allow the preschools to place their handprint on a large piece of construction paper. These multi-colored handprints are then cut out and placed in a circle around a pie plate or similar object to create a large daisy. This daisy preschool craft project is also sometimes called “The Circle of Friends.”

Favorite Halloween preschool crafts include cutting out eyes out of a sheet to make a ghost costume and decorating pumpkins with big magic markers to create scary faces. Preschoolers can also be encouraged to create their own monsters using a bit of glue and shapes (such a teeth and scary eyes) precut from construction paper or felt.

For Easter, you and the kids can decorate hard-boiled eggs to resemble chicks, lambs and cartoon characters using markers, construction paper and cotton balls. This is one of the more entertaining preschool crafts, especially if you pass the same egg around to several children who have markers or paints and ask each to add a detail to the egg creature.

Homemade bookmarks and cards, colored with crayons markers, make great Mother’s day and Valentine’s day crafts. Photographs of the kids, pasted on the front of the homemade card turn this heartfelt preschool craft into a charming gift.

There is no lack of inspiration for preschool crafts on the Internet. All you have to do to find scores of ideas for preschool crafts is type words like preschool crafts or easy preschool crafts into your search engine and you will most certainly find a project that is sure to engage the imagination and creative talents of your preschooler.