How to Create and Decorate a Christmas Gift Basket

One of the most enjoyable of personal or corporate gifts that you can put together is the Christmas gift basket. This type of gift basket can be color coordinated and decorated with ribbons that are in the colors of Christmas. Red and green is a popular color scheme for a Christmas gift basket as are the colors blue and white or red and white. You can also use glitter, snow, and white tufts of cotton to make the basket look more festive.

One very nice idea for a Christmas gift basket is the Peppermint Twist type of basket in which everything in the basket is red and white including foil wrapped chocolates, Christmas ornaments and candy canes. You can also choose items that taste like peppermint to go into the basket such as mint flavored cocoa or chocolates.

You can’t go wrong with a Christmas gift basket that is filled with the traditional foods of the season such as fruitcake, nuts, oranges, candy canes, Christmas cookies, spiced cider and cocoa mix. If you want to add alcohol to the mix try adding Kailua, Bailey’s or cider. One cocktail that is classic for Christmas is Bolls and 7 up which is used to make a drink called the Snowball.

Another great idea for a Christmas gift basket is one for the grandma or mom of the house who likes to bake Christmas cookies. Consider filling a basket with cookie cutters, sprinkles, glitter and cake decorating tubes.

Another nice idea is to fill the basket with Christmas decorations or the pieces for a nativity scene. You can even light up this type of basket by attaching battery run Christmas lights around it.

The corporate Christmas gift basket can include items such as Christmas themed coffee mugs with your branding on it and ornaments to hang on the office tree. Cookies, coffee and cake are also classic additions to this type of office gift.