How to Decorate Your Room in the Cherry Blossom Girl Style

The Cherry Blossom Girl style is a look that comes from a young Parisian blogger. Her simple, quirky clothing and room d├ęcor looks have become very hip and are influencing everyone from Lady Gaga to Anne Hathaway.

To make your bedroom look like hers you must first paint it all a light baby pink. This is a very girly look. Stencils in a whimsical Victorian or Art Deco style can then be added. Hand painted pink and gold pictures of goldfish embellish furniture and walls every now and then. This gives the look a bit of a shabby chic effect.

A collection of Teddy bears and Japanese cartoon character doors lined up with shells, bamboo fronds and a collection of old cassette tapes give this room an elegant look. Another nice touch is a collection of Lolita style heart shaped glasses pinned to the wall for an extra decorative effect.

The bamboo fronds can be placed in a tall ornate crystal vase. The bigger the bamboo stalks and the more curled and distorted they are, the better.

Stuff can be stored in hat boxes of all shapes and sizes as long as they are pink, silver or white in color. Cookie tins in pink, silver and white are also an option. Black antique lacquered Japanese jeweler boxes and hand held mirrors are also an option.

Above the bed must be the teenage effect of your favorite fashionable images ripped out of magazines and then mounted on pieces of textured watercolor paper. The main feature should be beautiful young women in repose wearing Victorian or Japanese clothing. The photos should have that pink, white and black theme to them. Pictures of novelties from the Victorian era also belong on this type of display of images.

On the bed white or dove grey line along with linens with tiny violet or rose floral best get across this shabby but very romantic and sexy look for a bedroom.

Lighting is very important if this look is going to succeed. One touch that is part of the overall enchantment of the style is round paper Chinese linters in pink and white lining the walls. The lamp shades themselves should be pink or white satin and the lamp stands should be knobs of crystal. An antique white Victorian chandelier is the crowning touch. A ceramic frame which you can also hang your necklaces and chains is also absolutely perfect for this look.

How to Decorate A Baby Shower Invitation

The written invitation sent through the mail, is considered to be the most gracious and respectful way to invite people to a baby shower. Usually the invitation is an expression of the theme of the party. This type of invitation can include a postage-paid envelope with your address on it as well as RSVP card, or simply your phone number or email address written inside the body of the card. Cards of this type are sold at most stationary stores. Popular stationary colors for invitations include pink (for a girl), blue (for a boy), yellow (for sex unknown) and white.
If you send out invitations by mail it is recommended that you do this at least four weeks before the event to give people a chance to respond.
A more casual, but definitely traditional approach is to simply invite individuals by phone. Hostesses on a budget or busy individuals may prefer this more immediate method.
Some individuals may prefer to send out e-vites. In this case, there are many sites on the internet that provide free pre-designed electronic cards that you can send out en masse to your guest list.

If you have glitter, markers and glue, you can create a homemade card. Homemade cards are considered to be especially heart-felt because of the time and effort put into their creation.
If you decide to make a homemade card, a color Xerox machine is your best friend.This way you can replicate a single card many times over. Cards can also be crafted using drawing programs and PhotoShop on a computer and then printed off as needed.
An easy idea for a homemade card is to acquire a picture of the mom-to-be and hand decorate it with gold and silver marker and glitter. Cards and envelopes can also be hinged and fastened with ribbons, yarn, safety pins and clothespins.
It is also quite easy to make a collage of images that match the theme of your party. For instance, if the theme is ducks, you can easily manufacture a card from images clipped out of a magazine and color Xerox it. The same can be done with stars, storks, teddy bears, angels and other classic images associated with baby’s arrival.