How to Decorate With Antique Bottles

Antique bottles come in all shapes colors and styles and are a versatile and interesting decorating object. Antique bottles can also be worth a great deal of money. Some old drug or perfume bottles go for at least a five figure sum on eBay or at flea markets. Antique bottles can be found in your own life, or at flea markets or washed up on the beach. The most attractive old hand-made bottles have evidence of being hand-made. They have clusters of air bubbles, scratches and clouds in the glass.

You can decorate your place with antique bottles simply by setting them on your vanity,mantelepiece and shelves but there are other interesting things you can do with them. For instance you can take a small wicker basket, fill them with the bottles for an enchanting display. You can also use them as miniature flower vases or use them to store things like toothbrushes, cotton swabs or bath salts. Even just cute little twigs look nice in a small old drug store or pill bottle.

You can also try filling old jars and bottles with river rocks, sea shells or marbles. Colored sand looks nice in these old jars as well. They can also be used to hold spices but make sure they are absolutely clean inside or this may not work.

Smaller glass bottles can be hung with ribbon from tree branches outside or even fashioned together to make a shiny mobile.

If you want a display of multi-colored old bottles to create a light show for you then you can display them in a window where the sunshine is going to gleam through the old glass and create rainbows on your walls. You can also line them around the edge of a fireplace and let the flickering flames of the light create flickering and dancing lights on your walls.

One designer on eBay recommends creating a glass castle. You can take a collection of bottles and stack them with the smallest bottles in front and the largest bottles in back. You can use small narrow bottles as turrets. You tie these bottles together with copper wire to create a castle.

One of the most coveted fashion objects to own is a giant old water jug or wine jug. Some people make these into aquariums or terrariums with plants inside. Others fill them with gleaming coins to make a giant green glass piggy bank.

How to Decorate a Kitchen in Ultra Mod Contemporary Style

The contemporary style is spare, artistic and made out of natural materials like recycled glass and wood. Big name designers enter into this style starting with the lighting fixture. Elegant and rustic chandeliers made out of recycled wood that have been bent to look like branches are a start. The Brothers Dressler made a teak version that was a hit of Toronto’s Interior Design Show.

Your Faucet should also look like something that would be in the galley of a space ship. Choose a tall, chic and handsome fixture like the Axor Citterio Semi-0Pro faucet which brings maximum style and function to the kitchen sing. The arm is coiled and has a maximum 360 degree swivel. You can get utilitarian yet beautiful fixtures like this at Hansbrohe, USA.

Instead of the usual tile go for glass tile. watery green glass tile gives a kitchen a clean hygienic look that is not so hygienic that it says “hospital.” Maternity green light fixtures are also a hit simply because that color does mean that recycled bottles are in the equation. Think of a Coca-Cola Bottle color of green and you are getting the picture of what is hot in the cotemporary kitchen world. Pendant lamps in this type of green color are very popular in modern kitchen.

Most furnishings in the Tate of the art kitchen have functional items that look like works at art. An example would be Tahiar Manmood ‘s items. Tahiar makes a hard wood rolling pin with long thin handles separate from the roller. Tahir Mahmood also makes a mortar and pestle in the same style a the rolling pin. The effect is elegant and ecologically correct.

A great place to purchase modern style furniture and decor is they have a huge selection. If you do order from them be sure to get a coupon code for a discount. You can find codes on site like and save some money.

Melamine is common in the modern kitchen as are some retro touches like the mash up of vintage Formica with a metal frame so it can be a cutting board. Vintage Formica is also often found in end tables and on items such as microwave coasters and cutlery caddies.

It is also very haute to put rack trees filled with bottles on your counter. These are four holding fine wine. Putting long wine bottles on the bottom and shorter ones on the top makes it look like a Christmas tree.

Instead of a cookbook in your contemporary kitchen you will have a Falvor Thesaurus. This is a book written by Niki Segnit that helps you make innovative dishes as a cook by adding signature popular flavors that you create on your own with every day elements.