How to Decorate a Room With Famous Vintage Music Posters

If you love music and you have rooms or a home that is themed to different eras then are some very famous and iconic music posters that you can buy to decorate those rooms with.

For instance, if you are into a Mad Men or Fifties style of décor you might enjoy the famous image of the Rat Pack standing in front of the Sands hotel in Las Vegas, just before playing a big gig. Yet another famous image from that era features Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and the rest of the gang playing pool. You can also get a famous poster of Sammy Davis Junior, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin Live At Carnegie Hall.

If your era is the sixties then you might relate to hanging a poster of the Beatles crossing Abbey road. You can also get a later poster from the seventies of all five Beatles from the “Let It BE” album. Another popular Beatles poster is The Beatles Yellow Submarine cover which is very psychedelic and suits decors from the early seventies.

Posters of Elvis Presley from that era are great too. There is also a great seventies style of iconic image that features Elvis in his white suited glory playing in Las Vaegas that is easy to find online.

If you are doing a décor that has more of a casual seventies flair then you could always decorate in the hippie style. An idea is to use the famous Jimi Hendrix poster where is done in burgundies and blues and surrounded by a halo of purple and yellow stripes. There is also the Pose poster which features the artist done in black, white and blood red.

If your décor is a bit causal and late seventies, complete with Ikea shelves and bean bags from , you can get coupons for on a site like . Then put up posters of John Lennon in New York or John Lennon from Imagine will compliment your walls nicely. There is also a very famous John Lennon People for Peace Poster which features him singing at his white piano with a big peace sign over his head.

If Punk was a bit more your style and your décor is late seventies and early eighties neon and shabby chic then you might want to buy a retro Ramones Rocket to Russia poster which features the leather clad band in photographic greys and whites bordered with bright purple writing. You can also get versions of this poster with pink writing. Other popular images of the Ramones include the Ramones Presidential Seal Poster and the black and white Ramones Gabba Gabba Hey Poster.

How to Decorate A Cocktail in Traditional Ways

Decorations for cocktails fall into two categories – the traditional garnishes and the contemporary.

The traditional garnishes for cocktails are maraschino cherries, olives, pearl onions, the celery stick, twists of lemon, lime and orange. Over the decades though, these garnishes have mutated to include everything from exotic fruits to gummy drops to edible flowers.

Skewering different fruits or condiments on a cocktail spear is only one way to garnish a drink. Another method is called frosting. This is where the rim of the glass is wetted and then dipped into crystalline or powdered substance of some kind. The traditional frostings are salt, sugar and powdered sour mix. However as cocktails have evolved both in terms of their presentation and their taste, new and unusual frostings for the rims of glasses have evolved such as cocoa, Jell-O powder and flaked coconut.
The most traditional and simple of garnishes is the orange, lemon or lime twist. This is a wedge of citrus fruit that is simply squished and then dropped in the drink.

A variation of this is the squeeze, in which a lemon or a lime is squeezed gently and then also speared with other fruit such as pineapple on a pick to use as a garnish for the drink. This is a standard garnish for drinks such as the Daiquiri, the gin and tonic or the Cuba Libre.

The green olive stuffed with red pimento is the stand-by garnish for a martini however nowadays you can find stuffed olives and black olives sitting on the rim of the drink. A very traditional garnish for a martini, which is enjoying a comeback, is the black olive that is stuffed with blue cheese and dropped to the bottom of the glass.

When it comes to traditional garnishes cocktails, the maraschino cherry is just as famous as the olive. The maraschino cherry is made from marac or Queen Ann cherries that have had the color leached out of them. The two most readily available are, of course, the red almond-flavored ones and also green, which are sometimes mint-flavored. However in the old days, pickled Queen Ann cherries, both the white and red kind were dropped at the bottom of Old Fashioned and Manhattan cocktails to give them a bit of kick. There is a trend to using sour and fresh Bing cherries in the swanky bars in New York. You can easily make your own “specialty” cherry by simply soaking your favorite type of cherry in some kind of brandy.