How to Decorate a Room With Famous Vintage Music Posters

If you love music and you have rooms or a home that is themed to different eras then are some very famous and iconic music posters that you can buy to decorate those rooms with.

For instance, if you are into a Mad Men or Fifties style of décor you might enjoy the famous image of the Rat Pack standing in front of the Sands hotel in Las Vegas, just before playing a big gig. Yet another famous image from that era features Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and the rest of the gang playing pool. You can also get a famous poster of Sammy Davis Junior, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin Live At Carnegie Hall.

If your era is the sixties then you might relate to hanging a poster of the Beatles crossing Abbey road. You can also get a later poster from the seventies of all five Beatles from the “Let It BE” album. Another popular Beatles poster is The Beatles Yellow Submarine cover which is very psychedelic and suits decors from the early seventies.

Posters of Elvis Presley from that era are great too. There is also a great seventies style of iconic image that features Elvis in his white suited glory playing in Las Vaegas that is easy to find online.

If you are doing a décor that has more of a casual seventies flair then you could always decorate in the hippie style. An idea is to use the famous Jimi Hendrix poster where is done in burgundies and blues and surrounded by a halo of purple and yellow stripes. There is also the Pose poster which features the artist done in black, white and blood red.

If your décor is a bit causal and late seventies, complete with Ikea shelves and bean bags from , you can get coupons for on a site like . Then put up posters of John Lennon in New York or John Lennon from Imagine will compliment your walls nicely. There is also a very famous John Lennon People for Peace Poster which features him singing at his white piano with a big peace sign over his head.

If Punk was a bit more your style and your décor is late seventies and early eighties neon and shabby chic then you might want to buy a retro Ramones Rocket to Russia poster which features the leather clad band in photographic greys and whites bordered with bright purple writing. You can also get versions of this poster with pink writing. Other popular images of the Ramones include the Ramones Presidential Seal Poster and the black and white Ramones Gabba Gabba Hey Poster.

Decorating With Old Wine Bottles

There are all kinds of different ways that you can use old wine bottles to make incredibly decorative objects. You can make both works of art and recycled objects from old bottles of wine.

One interesting way to make a poster is to soak all of your old wine bottles so the labels come off. You can then use the labels to decorate lampshades, tray or make an interesting poster.

It is easy to turn an old wine bottle into a lamp base. In fact the old chianti bottle in a basket look is just as popular as it as ever been. All you need to do is simply rig it with a light bulb and a cord and then find an old fashioned pale white or checkered shade to go with it.

You can also make lamps out of wine bulb by drilling a hole in the bottom of a bottle and then stuffing it with a string of mini lights. You can use a straightened out hanger to push the lights into the bottle and the plug cord comes out of the bottom of the bottle so you can plug it in. You can also glue beads and other decorative objects to the bottle to make a unique one of a kind light.

If the wine bottle has the right bottom bulbous shape you can actually make a light bulb out of the bottle with the bottle body serving as a colorful glass shade.

Wine bottles can also easily be turned into tumbler style drinking glasses. You can buy special saws and little hammers for cutting the bottles of bottles and then polishing them. These often make better vases than drinking glasses depending on how smooth you can get the lip of the cut glass to be. The cut off bottoms of wine bottles also make nice bottoms for hurricane candles. You can use a small bit of wire to hold the candle stable in the cut of bottle.

Wine bottles can also be used to make an edging for a garden. You dig a hole and bury the bottle upside down and have the bottom of the bottle showing like a round glass patio stone.

Wine bottles can also be recycled to be used as containers for flavored olive oils. You can make your own by adding dried basil, rosemary, sun dried tomatoes or sticks of oregano to a bottle. Tie this all up with a ribbon and it makes a great gift.