How to Decorate Your Dining Room in an Asian Theme

It is possible to decorate your dining room in an Asian theme without having it looking like a Chinese restaurant. When an Asian theme is done properly it does not look tacky; it looks elegant, calm and inviting. The looks is also quite easy to achieve by just adding a few appropriate accessories. Do not be afraid to coordinate your tables and chairs with your placemats and cutlery.

Serving bowls and dishes should look Chinese and be in the colors of Chinese reds and bamboos. Another popular design is the blue and white Chinese porcelain that features fish. The cutler should be rudimentary and consist of bamboo sticks. Make sure the bowls are big and round for holding steamed rice and soup. A little ceramic wine set also gives the room an authentic Chinese feel. Cherry blossoms make a nice centerpiece and give the dining table a truly fresh Asian look.

The best way to make a difference is to simply shop for the right Asian inspired serving dishes, gable ware, serving dishes, runners and table cloths. Just these few touches can easily add a touch of the orient to your look. You may not want to paint all of your walls in mandarin oranges or bamboo greens but you can add an instant oriental flair by adding folding screens made out of rice paper or Shoji doors combined with Asian potted plants. Exotic knick knacks like Buddha’s, geisha girl figures or swords hanging over the mantelpiece or table can give your table an exotic flair.

You can buy Chinese art or you can do something simple like hang an elegant kimono on the wall. A small tank filled with Chinese fish such as angel fish, carp or goldfish also gives a room an oriental touch especially if it also has a small pond in it.

Any wall that is painted a deep red and then contrasted with woods does automatically convey a room that has a bit of a Chinese flair. To really accomplish the Chinese effect well you can also try furniture that is covered with white or red silk and rattan and finished in a crimson or black lacquer finish.

Lighting is important when it comes to creating this type of look. Although a crystal or wrought iron chandelier would do, wooden or big white paper shades look more Chinese. One idea is to hang little Chinese lanterns in a chandelier to give it more of an Asian celebratory effect.

How to Decorate With Lemons

If you want to give your dining table or living area a nice fresh burst of color as well as a beautiful clean scent then try decorating with lemons.

You can make a beautiful centerpiece for a coffee table or dining table by just fining a unusual bowl or vase and filling it full of lemons. You can display them whole or you can fill the vase with water and float the lemons in it.

A very trendy centerpiece is to take a very tall narrow vase and stack the lemons inside of it. A wet centerpiece like this is made by filling a tall tubular vase with lemons that are cut in half. However a wet centerpiece should only be used for about a day because lemons cut in half can start to smell.

You can also fill a Bundt pan full of water and freeze whole lemons in the mold. You can then unmold it and place a candle in the center of the hole.

The rind of a lemon can make a nice bowl or cup for all kinds of thing. It is classic to round out lemon pulp from the rind and serve a pudding or gelato inside. You can also use the rinds to hold nuts or other tiny snack. Lemon rinds can also be filled crystals or sand and used to hold candles. You can also fill a lemon cup with water and float a candle inside of it.

You can make a trendy place setting label by cutting the top of a lemon that still as the twig off the top of the fruit. Make sure it is level and stands flat. You can then write the name of the guest on the lemon peel or you can tie a decorative tag to the peel that has the name of the guest on it.

Dried lemon slices smell nice and are very decorative. Simply slice lemons into rounds and then bake them on cookie racks for five to six hours until they are dehydrated. You can then use these dried slices of lemon to decorate green wreathes. They also look nice suspended in jars of bath salts or in clear soap dispensers.

Whole lemons also make attractive wreathes for the kitchen. You can simply string them together (sew them) on wires or tack them to Styrofoam. Whole lemons look nice entwined with green leaves or big chrysanthemums and daisies.

As you can see you can do a lot more with lemons then just make lemonade.