How to Decorate Your Kitchen in the Futuristic Style

A kitchen that is decorated in the futuristic style is usually white, metallic and glossy. Sometimes there are some wood elements but they are unstained. If things are colored make sure they are in a pure primary color. For instance choose a pure fire engine red rather than a pastel rose or your kitchen will start looking rustic rather than futuristic. Bright tangerine orange looks better than pumpkin, or your futuristic walls start to look more seventies. Keep the colors as pure and basic and as glossy as possible.

Big, heavy stainless steel appliances have that air of modernism around them and they are very minimalist-looking. You can also get counters, steel cupboards and tables in brushed metal to help your kitchen look even more space age.

Pairing brushed metal details with grey or white Carrera model or white formica like surfaces is also very futuristic looking. For an added touch of Kubrick-like retro-future modernism add a clear Lucite table or chopping block or buy chairs that look Victorian but that are actually molded out of white or clear hard plastic.

Color play and neon lighting can also do a lot for making a kitchen look like it is from the future. One idea is to make a kitchen all white and then make the counter and back splash a bright blue and light it with neon. The effect is very tidy and space age.

Another way to make a kitchen look futuristic is to keep everything white and then paint exposed walls a deep blue or black or even a pumpkin orange.

Fridges with glass doors or smokey colored glass doors can also be space-age looking. Another interesting effect is to add shelves made out of clear, orange, yellow or light blue plexiglass. Lighting can do a lot to enhance the space age glow of glass shelves as well. The hotter and more pin-pointed the lighting is, the more glamorous and showcased it will seem.

Making displays of things that are shiny and keeping it functional also makes your kitchen more futuristic. If you have state-of-the-art gadgets it does not hurt to display them as well.

Futuristic kitchens also have very clean straight lines or geometric shapes to them in general. That is why it is so difficult to make a futuristic kitchen look good in a crooked old Victorian. You are better to try this look in a condo.

How to Make Your Home Bar Look like A Lounge Bar

If you have a bar at home you might be wondering how to pep it up a bit with design details that can make it seem a little more authentic and fun.

One way to do this is decorate with amusing retro or novelty lamps. For instance you can get a large nickel plated lamp in the shape of a metal martini glass that has an oversized plastic olive with a deep red pimento light bulb inside that is designed by Chicago artist David Krys for about thirty bucks. You can also get Tiki figurines with lights inside of them or little rice paper lamps with Polynesian themes that have mood lights that change color inside. Lava lamps in neon colors are also a great retro color that can add a lot of atmosphere to a place.

Another way of making your home bar or wreckroom more lounge-like in flair is to add a jukebox. You can splurge on the real thing or you might opt to buy a mini CD jukebox that acts like a CD player that you can place anywhere in the room.

You could also consider buying a novelty item like a clock in the shape of a Martini cocktail that has a glass stem that swings back and forth. Both Budwieser and JHack Daniels make retro neon clocks that help light up your walls so that they look like the ones at the local Hardrock Café. You can also get neon signs advertising famous places and brands. A good example is the Corona Lime Neon LED sign that features a glowing yellow Corona bottle next to a piece of glittering lime.

You also can’t go wrong with fogged mirrors that have famous brands etched in them. For instance Harley Davidson makes a mirror that looks exactly like it’s famous logo and shield.

Vintage-style metal, canvas or paper signs that feature cocktail images from the thirties, forties, fifties, sixties or seventies are also a nice touch. Look for funny ones that say things like “Time Flies When You are Having Rum.” Hanging pictures of Vargas Girls or posters of famous beers or liquors like Budweiser or Jack Daniels is also the classic thing to do when decorating in this style.

If you are lacking inspiration visit your favorite pub. Look at what is on the walls and that can also give you some inspiration.