How to Decorate With Coca-Cola Collectibles

You can decorate a home or a restaurant with Coca-Cola collectibles. They also look quite smart in a corner store.

Not many people know this but aside from the famous apple red coolers and fridges with the logo on them the corporation also makes a lot of vintage style furniture. It makes high checker stools and also vintage pub style stools and all in red leather. They also make styles where the logo appears in a checker pattern on the table or on the stools as well as many variation of the classic pub style.

The company makes all kinds of little gizmos and gadget that would look great in a party room, kitchen or home bar or in a real bar or fifties style diner. A favorite is the wall mounted Vitnage Coca Cola Bottle opener or the boxy style of manual opener that has a cap catcher. You can also get napkin dispensers, toothpick dispensers, tin canisters, wood chalk boards, trays, sugar dispensers, napkins, paper towels and other kitchen diner type standard fixtures with the logo on them. You can even get cute little miniature glass salt and pepper shakers that look like miniature green coke bottles.

The company also makes some pretty nice clocks and lamps. One desk lamp has a shade that looks like the famous coca-cola tin can. Another attractive lamp shade features the retro coke girl in bikini on a beach. You can also get neon fifties style clocks that glow a candle apple red. Also very nostalgic and reminiscent of seventies and eighties styles of décor is the tiffany lamp and stained glass pendant lamp styles that come with the coca cola logo on them.

Always in the demand is the giant round red “Drink Coca-Cola” sign that has a red background and a glowing white “Drink Coca-Cola” with a neon star on it.

You can also get many different mirror styles, included mirrors with lights that have the Coke logos on them. Many of them boast famous images from the fifties including a waitress with a tray or the young fifties couple having fun while drinking a glass of coke. The company also sells retro-reproductions of all of its famous canvas wall art including pictures of families picnicking, students snacking and drinking coke and soda fountain images. The company calls this line of art their “Great Taste” art.

More Ways of Decorating with Lampe Berger Styles

The Lampe Berger lines of alcohol lamps that deodorize the room are very inspirational and very inspirational. It would be easy to just come up with an entire room that is created around them.

Lamp Berger makes a line of alcohol lamps that are completely red. There is a dark Chinese red, boat shaped ceramic style of lamp that would suit any oriental style of décor. There is also a more seventies style called Generous Red that is that tomato red that is reminiscent of a big bottle of nail polish from the 1950s. It has a very simple red ceramic bottle with a black top that suits many styles.

In the Flame line of Lamp Berger are two beautiful bottles made out of graduated glass that is dark on the bottom and clear at the top. There is a fuchsia egg shaped style with a silver top and clear red style that would look good in almost any décor. There is also a very large seventies style flask made out of red glass with a silver venting top that looks exactly like a giant ruby and that would go with Victorian decors or contemporary Italian decors.

The Lampe Berger also makes a line of very cute purple lamps. The swirl type is a deep violet that would look good on Victorian dressing table. There is also a ballerina skirt style that is half glass and half dark purple color. For those who have a white or purple mod décor there is a trapezoidal violet colored lamp that graduates into clear glass at the top.

The Oceans line of Lampe Berger covers some of the green and blue glass styles of alcohol burning lamps that the company makes. There is a dark forest green swirl bottle that would look amazing on a pink vanity table. There is also a forest green square bottle and a forest green emerald lamp that looks exactly like a giant emerald.

If you want a more seventies retro color and style then there is a bottle in David Hockney aqua that is triangular shaped at the base and shades in lacquer color from the base upwards.

There is also a style that is frosted called Galet Vert that looks like a giant piece of flat sea glass that would look great in a rustic décor, a contemporary décor or in a cottage by the sea.