How to Decorate Your Yard With a Simple Pond

Whether you are building a water garden or a Koi pond the basic steps to construction are basically the same.

• Koi ponds require a low pressure pump and a bigger liner or basin
• A pond with a fountain requires a high pressure pump and any size liner or basin
• A water garden requires a basin or liner that has different levels
• A water garden that attracts frogs and dragon flies must have a shallow end that has just a few inches of water

Once you have decided on the type of pond you need to build your next step is to decide on a location. In general you should avoid placing your pond –
• Near a garden or lawn with pesticides
• On a slope with runoff
• Under a tree

The perimeter shape of your pool is not really of much consequence in any way and it is purely a matter of taste.

Popular perimeter shapes are the square, circle, octagon and kidney shaped pools. The more geometric the shape the more formal it will look. Kidney or irregularly shaped prefabricated molds look the most natural. Square and round shapes are associated with European (and especially Italian) designs. The octagon shapes are associated with Feng Shui and other Asian water gardening traditions.

If you are planning to build a water garden that boasts a glorious display of water lilies then you need to make sure you buy a prefabricated basin that has shelves. This is because water lilies are laid in the water inside pots that may need to be placed on graduated levels depending on how they grow.

When it comes to determining how deep your pool should be consider that ponds built in colder areas may need more depth to keep the pond from freezing solid during the winter. Koi ponds should be three feet or deeper to allow fish to spawn and if you plan on allowing the Koi to winter in the pond then plan on having a pond that is at least five feet in depth.

Pond Liners are the plastic shell that cradles the water in your pond. The easiest way to go is to buy pre-formed plastic liners from a garden center.

Installing prefabricated liners is easy. You simply dig a hole large enough for the liner to lie in and make sure it is level by filling it with amounts of sand. All you need to do is flip the prefabricated liner over and trace it somehow on the grass to know where you are going to dig.

Once you have installed your pond liner you will notice an unattractive gap between the plastic tub and the rough edges where you dug out the hole. Stones and other materials that are used to conceal the plastic edges of the liner or prefabricated tub are called copings. Coping stones can then be mortared into place to conceal this gap.

Root clumps mixed with gravel can also be used to edge the pond to give the appearance of a natural occurring spring in the forest.

How to Clear Your Home of Negative Energy

Before you decorate you should do a little cleansing to make sure that your space is free of negative energies. It means that you are creating a clean slate on which to decorate. There are several different traditional always for clearing a room of bad energies. It all depends on the culture or spirituality that you might be referencing as you cleanse the room of bad vibes.

For instance, in Feng Shui it is clutter that attracts bad spirits and blocks the positive flow of energy. If you feel haunted or overly attached to the past, one remedy might be to give your house a good cleaning. If the object feels wrong, or reminds you from the past in a negative way then throw it away.

Another way of keeping bad energies out of a room is to hang bells or chimes on the door. Every time the door is opened to the room the spirits will be frightened by the noise and be chased away.

Another way of clearing your space is to walk through it, ringing a bell that rings in the key of C. Balinese temple bells were created specifically for the purpose of getting rid of bad energies.
A Wiccan tradition for clearing vibrations out of a house is to take a broom and starting at the front door, sweep the entire house in a counterclockwise direction. Even if your floors are clean you can do this as a symbolic action. Keep sweeping in the counterclockwise direction until you have reached the front door and sweep everything collected out the front door and down your front path and to the street. Modernists could probably use a vacuum cleaner to the same effect.

In Celtic traditions and also Feng Shui traditions four copper pennies place in the North, South, East and West corners of the home are thought to prevent the inhabitants from astral attack, ghosts and spirits.

The classic incense used for protection from bad energies. is a combination of Frankincense and Myrrh, which is said to please the angels and summon protective light. Genuine Frankincense and Myrrh can be bought in religious supply stores and burned over charcoal in and incense burner. The burner is swung through the house, cleansing every corner of thought forms, entities and bad energy. In Arabic homes today, on Thursdays, frankincense is burnt in a censer and carried through the living rooms and bed- rooms to expel evil spirits and invite the angels in. In Cairo, Egypt, and elsewhere, people make earn the livelihood by travelling from business to business, burning this combination of incense to dispel any negative energy left behind by the public.

Sage can also be used to purify an environment. It can be bought commercially as stick incense or as a sage bundle. A bundle is usually just the dried herb wrapped with an elastic band or rope. The bundle is lit on fire and carried through the house to clear it of entities and bad spirits. In several Native American cultures, the aroma of burning sweet grass or sage purifies the energies and attracts the positive supernatural entities.