How to Decorate Your Kitchen in the Futuristic Style

A kitchen that is decorated in the futuristic style is usually white, metallic and glossy. Sometimes there are some wood elements but they are unstained. If things are colored make sure they are in a pure primary color. For instance choose a pure fire engine red rather than a pastel rose or your kitchen will start looking rustic rather than futuristic. Bright tangerine orange looks better than pumpkin, or your futuristic walls start to look more seventies. Keep the colors as pure and basic and as glossy as possible.

Big, heavy stainless steel appliances have that air of modernism around them and they are very minimalist-looking. You can also get counters, steel cupboards and tables in brushed metal to help your kitchen look even more space age.

Pairing brushed metal details with grey or white Carrera model or white formica like surfaces is also very futuristic looking. For an added touch of Kubrick-like retro-future modernism add a clear Lucite table or chopping block or buy chairs that look Victorian but that are actually molded out of white or clear hard plastic.

Color play and neon lighting can also do a lot for making a kitchen look like it is from the future. One idea is to make a kitchen all white and then make the counter and back splash a bright blue and light it with neon. The effect is very tidy and space age.

Another way to make a kitchen look futuristic is to keep everything white and then paint exposed walls a deep blue or black or even a pumpkin orange.

Fridges with glass doors or smokey colored glass doors can also be space-age looking. Another interesting effect is to add shelves made out of clear, orange, yellow or light blue plexiglass. Lighting can do a lot to enhance the space age glow of glass shelves as well. The hotter and more pin-pointed the lighting is, the more glamorous and showcased it will seem.

Making displays of things that are shiny and keeping it functional also makes your kitchen more futuristic. If you have state-of-the-art gadgets it does not hurt to display them as well.

Futuristic kitchens also have very clean straight lines or geometric shapes to them in general. That is why it is so difficult to make a futuristic kitchen look good in a crooked old Victorian. You are better to try this look in a condo.

How to Decorate A Room for Christmas in Mid-Century Scandinavian Style

Decorating a room in mid-century Scandivian style is one of the cheapest ways to go if you want a look that is unique for Christmas. Basically it entails buying almost everything that you need from Ikea and the color scheme is very simple: black and white with touches of red. It is a simple Scandinavian take on the “Tuxedo look.”

Start with a completely white room. Paint everything white including the floor, fixtures and add a faux white fireplace frame to the room. Put a black and white striped carpet on the floor and accent it with black and white vases, freestanding plastic tables and bit black utilitarian look chairs in either black or Christmas red. Lamps can be made of paper and freestanding or pendant style. White candle holders can be set on the mantelpiece for a chic yet cheap effect.

As long as they are all identical little glass tea light olders in black and white lined up along the mantel greatly compliment this look. You can alternate black and white holders or get striped candles.

At Ikea you can get the landmark white pedestal tables designed by Finnish designer Eero Saarinen. His pedestal has a base of cast-aluminum .Originally designed in 1956 it is still fashionable today and gives your room a bit of a space age effect.

Pendant lamps in plastic can also make amazing looking fashion statements. Look for lamps designed by Paul Henningsen. His many layered Snowball pendant swinging lamp has been around since 1924 and is much imitated by many designers. It looks like e a large white pine cone. He also designed another model that looks more like a round artichoke that has had it’s leaves open. Both are very festive in spirit and landmark objects of art that are also very functional.

To complete the look be sure to place big wool Christmas stockings in black and white along the edge of the fake fire mantel. Inside the fireplace feature presents wrapped in all white tissue paper wrapped with red and black ribbons. Above the mantelpiece you can put a giant minimimilast wreath. This can be unnatural or fake but the idea is that it must look as trim and compact as possible to compliment the mid-century Scandinavian look. A company called Fresh Florals makes an all black wreath that is wrapped in black ribbon that is made out of twigs. Make sure that the twig wreath that you choose is quite thick and well twined or it may not suit this style.