How to Decorate With Lampe Berger Scent Lamps

Lampe Berger lamps are actually old-style alcohol lamps that were used for killing bacteria and improving the air in hospitals. They were invented by a pharmacist named Maurice Berger in 1898. Nowadays they come in all kinds of different fragrances and also interesting style.

The lamps come with a venting cap, snuffing camp and a funnel you chose the aroma of oil that you would like to fill your home and the result is a gorgeous smelling abode. The fragrance oils in themselves are decorating tools. The fragrances themselves are divided into themes that embrace many fragrances. For instance Dreams of Exploration is a line that contains scents that smell like different places. For instance Chic Paris is a mix of citrus fruits, peach, musk sand rose garden; evocative of the gardens and boutique smells from a street in France. In fact the next blog will be all about how to decorate with Lampe Berger aromas as a smell can totally change the character of a room.

The glass alcohol lamps come in a variety of different styles that suit different interior design themes. The Ice Lamp collection has two parts. There are the little clear or frosted glass spheres and there are solid white ceramic vessels as well. Some of them like The Clear Swirls. look like little perfume bottles with side swirls. Another style called the Pearl Bingo is just a round white ball that would look just right on the set of Stanley Kubrick movie. For a classic sixties look choose the white Milk jar which is white ceramic with a little swirled jeweled top. For a look that suits the lady who wears Lanvin or collects old perfume bottles the Louis XII is appropriate; this model is engraved with a floral pattern and has a shiny gold venting cap that makes it look like it belongs in the French court or in the powder room of a fancy room in the south of France.

Lampe Berger also makes a series of lamps that come in chocolate, amber glass known as the Spice Collection. These look more like after shave bottles with shiny silver tops. The Athena model, which is ridged and egg shaped looks like it is from an art deco era. The Amber Corollossima looks is that “ballerina skirt style bottle” that is so reminiscent of the fifties. These bottles look good on a male dresser or in a dark stone bathroom. The Spice line of lamps also comes with Bingo ball style of lampe that is made out shiny gold metal; it suites retro eighties décor that has lots of red and brown.

How to Decorate In the Paris Style

Decorating in the Parisian style simply entails making as many references as you can to Paris, France as you can in a room. A dimple way to accomplish this is to use France’s most iconic and well-known landmark, the Eiffel Tower , as a decorating themed. You can find this symbol on fabric, on throw pillows and also in statuary, posters and paintings. Displaying a collection of mini replicas or Eiffel Towers in snow shakers alludes immediately to “The City of Lights” in your décor.

It helps to paint your place in Parisian colors such as grey, white, black, chocolate and soft orange. Touches of red, aqua and gold also complete the look. This gives the home that cheerful French feel.

You should also search online and in flea markets for vintage furniture from Fence. Typical items that speak of the city are wrought iron and brass headboards, tall armoires with mirrored doors and pictures with elaborate gilded frames. Dress forms are also a French touch as they allude to Parisian Fashion legend Coco Chanel. You can hang scarves and necklaces from the dress form and pin brooches to it to make a lovely but unconventional free-standing jewel box.

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Brass and bronze lamps with heavy ornate bases are also very Parisian in look. For that touch of the “French Brothel” choose a lamp with a shade that has a fringe on it. Throwing fringed shawls over regular lamp shades have a similar effect. Just be careful that you do not light any fabric on fire as you drape it over the bulb.

Yet another hallmark of this look is vases of roses everywhere. Tuck dried roses in your picture frames, your mirrors and on top of door frames for a unique Parisian shabby chic look.

In the bathroom you should place white bowls of roses and make sure that the floors are bare and white and that the towel rack is stuffed with fluffy white towels. Soap should be gold or pink in color and be in a charming dish. Shell shaped soap dishes are quite common in France.

A charming antique bookshelf should display the French classics of literature whether they are in English or French.

Displaying French postcards, menus and signage also gives your apartment or home that Parisian flair. Of course nothing says Paris as much as a wine rack filled top to bottom with the best wines from Southern France that you can afford to buy.