How to Decorate With Lampe Berger Dreams of Exploration Scents

Decorating to suit a beautiful scent is fast becoming a fad and if you are short on ideas then just burn one of the designer scents that are associated with Lampe Berger to become inspired. Lampe Berger makes a wonderful series called Dreams of Exploration that really do make one think of certain decors.

The Sweet Pear scent smells exactly baked pears coming out of the oven. It smells like pears, vanilla and cinnamon. This is a very seductive scent that is also a bit maternal. It suits a décor that is rustic, cozy and very domestic. It is also a very eighties type of aroma.

Another gourmand fragrance is called New Orleans. This is a smell that contains many fruit cents, cinnamon and vanilla. It has a rich, lush smell that suits heavy French decors with velvets, brocades, tassels and big old couches.

Crème Caramel is a scent that is also very nineties. It is also supposed to be one of the most seductive scents in the world and it is featured heavily in the Dreams of Exploraiton Scents. This type of smell goes well in a bedroom. It also suits antique and rustic decors as well as Victorian and Laura Ashlee type Although it is a very sweet motherly smell it is not so sweet that it cannot be used to perfume the living quarters of a male.

Orange Cinnamon is an oriental scent. It is also sometimes associated with the Caribbean because oranges poked with cloves or cinnamon are part of a magic voodoo protection spell to ward off evil. In this particular scent you get the blend of orange and cinnamon smoothed over with touches of white musk, amber and sandalwood. The scent suits very old homes or homes with a bit of Cuban or Caribbean flair. This scent also goes very well with the deep red woods, golds and blacks that are associated Asian décor as both oranges and cinnamon are very Chinese in flair.

The Gingerbread scent in this line is very complex and a little sexier than the gingerbread smell fro Grandma’s kitchen. The fragrance smells like liquorices, rum orange peel, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, honey and vanilla. Although it smells rustic, this heavy scent would go well in very girly decors that are fifties and forties in style. It also suits rooms that are done up in Goth style too.

How to Decorate With Lemons

If you want to give your dining table or living area a nice fresh burst of color as well as a beautiful clean scent then try decorating with lemons.

You can make a beautiful centerpiece for a coffee table or dining table by just fining a unusual bowl or vase and filling it full of lemons. You can display them whole or you can fill the vase with water and float the lemons in it.

A very trendy centerpiece is to take a very tall narrow vase and stack the lemons inside of it. A wet centerpiece like this is made by filling a tall tubular vase with lemons that are cut in half. However a wet centerpiece should only be used for about a day because lemons cut in half can start to smell.

You can also fill a Bundt pan full of water and freeze whole lemons in the mold. You can then unmold it and place a candle in the center of the hole.

The rind of a lemon can make a nice bowl or cup for all kinds of thing. It is classic to round out lemon pulp from the rind and serve a pudding or gelato inside. You can also use the rinds to hold nuts or other tiny snack. Lemon rinds can also be filled crystals or sand and used to hold candles. You can also fill a lemon cup with water and float a candle inside of it.

You can make a trendy place setting label by cutting the top of a lemon that still as the twig off the top of the fruit. Make sure it is level and stands flat. You can then write the name of the guest on the lemon peel or you can tie a decorative tag to the peel that has the name of the guest on it.

Dried lemon slices smell nice and are very decorative. Simply slice lemons into rounds and then bake them on cookie racks for five to six hours until they are dehydrated. You can then use these dried slices of lemon to decorate green wreathes. They also look nice suspended in jars of bath salts or in clear soap dispensers.

Whole lemons also make attractive wreathes for the kitchen. You can simply string them together (sew them) on wires or tack them to Styrofoam. Whole lemons look nice entwined with green leaves or big chrysanthemums and daisies.

As you can see you can do a lot more with lemons then just make lemonade.