How to Decorate Your Dining Room in an Asian Theme

It is possible to decorate your dining room in an Asian theme without having it looking like a Chinese restaurant. When an Asian theme is done properly it does not look tacky; it looks elegant, calm and inviting. The looks is also quite easy to achieve by just adding a few appropriate accessories. Do not be afraid to coordinate your tables and chairs with your placemats and cutlery.

Serving bowls and dishes should look Chinese and be in the colors of Chinese reds and bamboos. Another popular design is the blue and white Chinese porcelain that features fish. The cutler should be rudimentary and consist of bamboo sticks. Make sure the bowls are big and round for holding steamed rice and soup. A little ceramic wine set also gives the room an authentic Chinese feel. Cherry blossoms make a nice centerpiece and give the dining table a truly fresh Asian look.

The best way to make a difference is to simply shop for the right Asian inspired serving dishes, gable ware, serving dishes, runners and table cloths. Just these few touches can easily add a touch of the orient to your look. You may not want to paint all of your walls in mandarin oranges or bamboo greens but you can add an instant oriental flair by adding folding screens made out of rice paper or Shoji doors combined with Asian potted plants. Exotic knick knacks like Buddha’s, geisha girl figures or swords hanging over the mantelpiece or table can give your table an exotic flair.

You can buy Chinese art or you can do something simple like hang an elegant kimono on the wall. A small tank filled with Chinese fish such as angel fish, carp or goldfish also gives a room an oriental touch especially if it also has a small pond in it.

Any wall that is painted a deep red and then contrasted with woods does automatically convey a room that has a bit of a Chinese flair. To really accomplish the Chinese effect well you can also try furniture that is covered with white or red silk and rattan and finished in a crimson or black lacquer finish.

Lighting is important when it comes to creating this type of look. Although a crystal or wrought iron chandelier would do, wooden or big white paper shades look more Chinese. One idea is to hang little Chinese lanterns in a chandelier to give it more of an Asian celebratory effect.

Feng Shui Tips For A Peaceful Home III

Here are even more great tips for making your home more serene using the ancient Chinese art of object placement.
DECORATE WITH NATURAL MATERIALS. Stay away from plastics and formicas and go for bamboo, marble and cork surfaces. The less manmade and more recyclable the material the more peaceful your home will see. It is very Asian to decorate with furniture made out of bamboo, wicker and other natural materials.
KEEP FLOWERS AROUND. Keep natural fresh flowers around. Do not use artificial blooms unless you plan to keep them very clean. Dust on artificial plants is bad energy in general. The very best way to create a peaceful and beautiful atmosphere is to make sure that you have cut live flowers that are pest free. Do not keep wilting flowers around as that symbolizes fatigue.
KEEP EXERCISE EQUIPMENT OUT OF MAIN ROOMS. Exercise equipment that resembles boats or vehicles can create disruption in your home’s energy because they symbolize travel. They are especially bad in the bedroom and dining room because they represent motion when these are activities that should be enjoyed while one is still and relaxing. If possible store these items out of sight whenever you can.
KEEP CEILING FANS OUT OF BEDROOMS. These create “cutting chi” that is unhealthy and can interrupt peaceful sleep. This is because they symbolize the cutting of the air and air symbolizes energy.
REMOVE MIRRORS FROM BEDROOMS. Remove mirrors from any place that you sleep.. If you have one in your bedroom, remove it immediately, since it is said that the energy created by mirrors in this space can cause insomnia. Move mirrors to your dining room instead where the reflection of opulence and food brings wealth. Mirrors are also good in the kitchen. Whatever you do, do not hang a mirror so that it cuts off any part of the head. This will cause headaches.
CLOSE YOUR BEDROOM DOOR WHEN SLEEPING. This helps make your bedroom more of a womb or cocoon that facilitates relaxation. This is especially important to do if you have boisterous children or pets.
CREATE PEACE WITH PLANTS. Almost all plants create a peaceful atmosphere unless they are somehow dying or dusty. The bigger the plant the more calming it will be to you. Avoid spikey plants like cactus as they trap harsher energy. Instead opt for plants that have large fronds and leaves and that are more Asian or tropical in flair. As an added bonus – the bigger the plant the better it will be at cleaning the air with the oxygen that these plants produce.