How to Decorate Your Bedroom for Valentine’s Day

The key to making your bedroom sexy for Valentine’s Day is to do it up in the right colors. Pink, red and dark purple are the best colors to do to convey a sense of passion. You do not want too much pink in the bedroom unless you are a real girl’s girl and your husband like you for it. Stick with the red and the dark purple for a color scheme that pleases both sexes.

It is hard to go wrong if you use traditional red so decorate your bedroom with red roses, red orchids, dark red candles, heart shaped bed cushions and even heart shaped carpets if you have them.

You can automatically make a room romantic by using satin or silk sheets and satin and silk curtain covering. You can also drape fabric around the bedpost to make it look ice. Chiffon fabric or mosquito netting can be draped from the ceiling and tied with big red ribbons for a romantic effect.

If you have big heart shaped pillows, stuffed animals and shaggy or furry blankets are sure to put those on the bed as well.

Be sure to position mirrors in the room in a way so that they will reflect more softened light. Dimmer switch lighting can be adjusted to a seductive low setting so that things become more romantic.

Be sure to put fresh flowers in vases as well as make sure that the bedroom smells nice. There are all kinds of air fresheners out on the market that can help you accomplish this.

The more candles there are in the room the more romantic things will be in general. Get romantic scents like gardenia, jasmine and rose.

How to Decorate Party Favors for a Baby Shower

Party favors for the guests serve can serve two purposes. Sometimes they are presented at the door or during dinner as a way of raising enthusiasm for the event. Other times they are given to the guest just before she departs as a way of thanking her for her participation.
To raise morale for the event, you can “go traditional” and hand out party hats, kazoos and firecrackers (the kind you pull apart to reveal a party favor, not the kind you buy to light up the sky.) However it is nice to put hand-held firecrackers, called Dazzlers, on the cake instead of candles.

A nice idea is to hand each guest a T-shirt with a picture of the mom-to-be or catch phrase printed on it. Guests change into this item after they arrive at the party. You can also put Mom’s pic on tea towels, diapers or other objects. If you are handing out clothing as favors you can always pin the goods on a clothesline that is strung across the room.

A unique way to identify guests at a party would be to create baby necklaces, similar to the kind that are worn by babies at the hospital. These kinds of beads, which have letters on them, can be purchased at a supply store. The idea is that the necklace boasts the name of the guest and is worn during the party.
Suggestions for party favors for guests to take a way with them include:
* A picture frame * Miniature puzzles * Engraved pencils or pens * A lace hankie tied with pink or blue ribbon * Small stuffed toys or beanie babies * Baby necklaces * Candies stuffed inside a baby bottle * Candies tied in pink or blue netting * Chocolates * Plastic or metal pacifiers that can be worn as a necklace * A gift basket full of beauty products * A bud vase (also used to decorate the tables) filled with baby’s breath * A ceramic angel * Potpourri tied with pink or blue ribbons * A pink or blue candle * Cookie cutters that suit the theme of the shower (hearts or stars) * An engraved silver spoon
You can put these items in little diaper pails or baskets that are decorated with pictures of the mom. A nice touch is to add an engraved glass or a piece of cake to the equation. One innovative idea would be to make a CD with a picture of the Mom on the cover and show all of her favorite songs.

If you are a techno mom you can now find little USB devices that look like things like pacifiers or diaper pails online. You can give your guests a digital memory of the party and also they can use the remaining space on the disk for their own purposes.