How to Decorate a Room With Big Martini Glasses

Big martini glasses can be used for a lot of things besides martinis. You can use them for a lot of other decorative purposes as well. You can use very large regular martini drinking glasses for this or go to the store and buy super-sized ones that can be used for decoration.

When it comes to room decor, oversized martini glasses make beautiful centerpieces. For the holiday seasons you can fill them with whatever pertains. Hershey’s kisses or heart shaped chocolates look great in a Martin glass for Valentine’s Day. For Christmas you can fill it with shiny Christmas balls. In the Spring and Autumn you can fill it with floating flowers or pot-pours. Fill a martini glass with water and float a big peony or rose in it in June.

Big wine glasses also make wonderful candle holders. Simply fill with water, even colored water and then float the candle on the surface to create a romantic mood.

Martini glasses also make lovely flower vases for small bundles of flowers such as a bundle of daisies or a bunch of orchids. The key to this looking great is to bundle the flowers together first so they stand up straight in a bed of sand or river rocks deposited in the bottom of the glass.

Giant martini glasses also make very interesting serving dishes. Consider serving chocolates, Cocoa cheerios, dips, mixed nuts, candy, olives, pretzels or pickles in them. They also make nice holders for fresh fruit.

Martini glasses are also useful for making fruit and yogurt sundaes, ice cream sundaes and they are perfect for holding puddings and mouses. They can also be an elegant container for cold soup or a mid-course sorbet.

Yet another wonderful use for a Martini glass is as a holder of shrimp and shrimp cocktail sauce. Simply hook the shrimp all around the rim of the glass which is filled with tangy seafood sauce.

These glasses also look great in bathroom. You can fill them with colorful bath pellets, soap, bath salts or decorative soaps. Mix two colors of bath salts to create a lovely effect.

Giant martini glasses can also be used as holders for favors or gift baskets. Large acrylic martini glasses work best for this. Simply pile little gifts in the glass and then wrap it all with saran wrap. Be sure to tie it all together securely with a pretty ribbon.

How To Decorate For A Boston Tea Party

Celebrate independence by throwing a Boston Tea Party complete with old-fashioned Boston Tea Party recipes such Boston Harbor Chowder, Boston Cream Pie and Red and White and Blue Independence Trifle.

The original Boston Tea Party, which actually took place on a crisp December evening was a protest against taxes. In fact the slogan “Tea, Not Taxes!” might make a nice moniker or slogan for your Boston Tea Party celebration. At the original Boston tea party ships were invaded and 340 chests of tea were pitched overboard in protest of high taxes on the delicious beverage. This incident of course led to the entire American Revolution.

At your party, which is best held around tax time or in December during the end of the year, a nice touch would be to have a complimentary. document shredder on hand, should anyone have any documents that pertain to the government that they would like to get rid of for good. This would be symbolic of the hauling of the “old regime” overboard to make way for the new.

As the Boston Tea Party was an occasion that celebrated freedom and the rights of hard working, ordinary people, red, white and blue is a perfectly acceptable color scheme for this party. You can also encourage individuals to dress casually but also include these colors in their dress. A nice touch would be to encourage your guests to dress casually but then hand them a scarf decorated like the U.S. flag as a party favor to wear however they want at that party.

It is also suggested that the music be American, and very home grown. Artists such as Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Janis Joplin would be perfect for a modern day Boston tea party.

On your menu will be the three kinds of teas that were thrown overboard during the original Boston Tea party.

English Breakfast Tea – This is a heavily caffeinated blend made with a smokey fine grade Keemun.

Earl Grey Tea – This is the famous Assam tea that is scented with delicate and tangy traces of the fruit bergamot.

Darjeeling Tea – This lack tea from the Darjeeling region of India. Darjeeling tea is treasured for the rich golden liquor and unique muscatel flavor.

Of course you should include your entire menu on your party invitation —

English Breakfast
Earl Grey Tea
Darjeeling Tea
Boston Tea Party Popcorn
New England Revolution Crudite Tray (simply a tray of cut vegetables such as radish roses and cucumber fans on a revolving Lazy Susan)
Ham and Cheese Scones
Shrimp Cocktail
Broiled Lobster Tails
New England Crab Melts
Boston Harbor Chowder
Boston Baked Tea in A Kettle
Boston Cream Pie
Independence Day Trifle

Notice how the menu includes selections that are both antique and modern and there is some choices on the menu that dislike fish. Ham and cheese would be a traditional mainstay of Boston tea parties.