How to Decorate Your Home in Winter Whites

Decorating your home in winter whites is all about simplicity. First of all the color scheme for winter white décor tends to be white with dark brown wood. So the floors should be stained a dark brown if they are not brown already. Frames and other accents can also be made of dark wood. Otherwise everything from the door frames to banisters to kitchen cupboards is painted white. Eerie single wall is painted white as well.

Lucite furniture works well in an entry way along with oversized mirrors with white or chocolate brown frames. A great place order furniture is they have a huge selection. If you order from there be sure to pick up an discount code from and save some money. White throw rugs or small footstools with white leather covers also work well here. Make sure everything from Kleenex boxes to plant holders is also white.

In the living room plain white cotton curtains and white bamboo shades make great window covering. A white rug with an even whiter pattern on it also completes the design. White ceramic posts and white shades should be a design feature of the lamps. Silver coffee tables with glass tops and round coffee tables made out of dark wood are also a good option.

There should be few pictures on the wall but the ones that are in place should have white ceramic or brown frames.

Floral arrangements should be lush but using white flowers such as roses, hydrangeas and calla lilies. A touch of green can be added in the form of moss or hydrangea leaves. A plain white ceramic vase filled with white money plant leaves can make a nice addition to a white room.

At Christmas time there are great ways to harmonize a white décor into your holiday color scheme. When you trim the tree, keep the lights all white and as small as possible. Clear glass and plastic ornaments and white ornaments should be interspersed with gold ones. Tie big white ribbons to the very end of the branches for a nice effect. Garlands of white pearls also suit the white-washed Christmas look.

Garlands for this type of scheme do not have to be fussy or expensive. You can tie greenery with a bit wire and white ribbon. You can also hang a boxwood wreath above your mantel or in a prominent place in the living room. You can also spray pinecones white and make a still-life in basket out of them for your mantelpiece.

Finally you can really make your Christmas tree look unique by wrapping all of your Christmas presents in white and decorating them with white ribbons as well.