How to Decorate With Seventies Style Tiffany Lamps

Tiffany Lamps can add a seventies touch to your décor. Even a really modern white and orange plastic mod seventies look can be augmented by a tiffany glass simply because the “surprise” of something out of date is part of the entire 70s look – like something out of a Stanley Kubrick movie. Also tiffany lamps had a real heyday in the 1970s and were a hot lamp (no pun intended.) They were widely sought after collectibles during that time and also that was the decade when many factories opened up to start making reproduction Tiffany lamps. These reproductions are easily identified because the way the glass is cut is more reminiscent of the type of broad and curvaceous shapes that you would see in something like the Beatles animated movie “Yellow Submarine.”

Tiffany style lamps were also very much a part of the country styles of décor that were popular in the seventies. They went well with stuffed brown couches and octagonal shaped side tables. Many gaudier examples of tiffany lamps were seen hanging by big looped cords over dining room tables in seventies color schemes such as orange and brown or mustard and green. At the time these types of tiffany lamps could be picked up for ten bucks at a mall but nowadays they can be worth a small fortune so if you have one in your garage you might want to consider putting it up on e-Bay.

The nice thing about a Tiffany lamp, no matter what era it is from, is that it can reflect little coin or diamond shaped shards of light that can end up on your wall. This gives any room a very cozy and elegant touch. Tiffany lamps are also very nice to read by as the light from them is bright, but has a soft quality. Tiffany lamps also look best in a dark corner where they can shine in their full glory.

The less clutter that is around a Tiffany lamp the better it looks. Most have very elegant lamp bases as well that are reminiscent of flower stems or curved like swan’s necks.

By the way if you are a woman and you want to make yourself look younger, try putting a tiffany lamp with a pink themed lampshade on your bedroom table. This will shed a soft pink glow that will make you appear more youthful.

Depending on what you pair the lamp with the room can look neo-modern, countrified or like you have a real appreciation for antiques.