How to Decorate With Seventies Style Mod Furniture

A lot of the most contemporary modern furniture on the market today is based on retro 70s designs. This is because the modular nature and portability of this type of furniture is very well suited to today’s smaller homes, lofts and condominiums.

If you want your room to look like it is decorated with modern furniture then avoid floral patterns (unless they look like the old Mary Quant cosmetic logo) and stick to patterns that are more abstract. Cotton fabrics are also out of style and your place will look more modern if your couch, armchair or ottomans are made of leather, polyvinyl or a polyester blend.

Another tip is to choose a bright, almost neon primary color as the color scheme for the color of your fabrics and rugs. Colors that are very hot when it comes to choosing modern furniture are orange, brown, light green, pink, yellow and white. Black is still classic but it is not currently as sophisticated as brown or white. You should also choose exotic faux or real animal coverings when you shop for furniture. Brown and white calfskin would be a good trendy choice for 2007.

Wood is not that hip right now unless you choose modern furniture that has a bit of a Danish design flair. This type of furniture is usually made of teak or a similar durable yet lightweight wood. In the design of a table, coffee table or chairs look for designs where the chair legs are sloped slightly outwards. Molded arms and backs that are smooth and curvy are also desirable elements in modern furniture. Even heavier items such as stand up dressers and bureaus should have a light look to them. Also very hip right now are wooden items where the handles are carved right into the drawer surface.

When choosing a bed frame, couch or chair the idea is to choose items that are lower set. High set furniture is considered to be more nineties. You should also look for chairs that have beveled, molded shapes that seem to have a bit of concession to the shape of the human bottom and back.

Yet another good choice of modern furniture is molded plastic furniture. These are usually cubes or distortions of geometric shapes that are brightly colored and yet designed to accommodate the human body. You can also buy stacking coffee tables, stools and other items that have this seventies space age look to them to furnish your home or apartment.

Your choice of lighting can also go a long way towards making your seventies retro inspired décor more authentic.