How to Decorate for a Precious Angel Baby Shower

Babies are considered to be our little angels and each human being is supposed to have his or her own guardian angel. Perhaps this is why this theme is so popular when it comes to welcoming a new person into the world.

Celestial guardians are the theme for this party and the motif of the angel may be reflected in every detail from the invitation, to the tablecloth to images decorating the walls. This is a very popular theme and commercial decorations are widely available to the public.

The mother may also want to use angels as a theme to decorate her nursery, so guests should be encouraged to buy linen, china, clothing and mobiles that feature the heavenly motif. There is a wide availability of wrapping paper and cards on the market that can be used to cover tables and decorate walls.

The party area itself can be decorated with ceramic angels, angels in snow shakers, feathers, cotton batten and stars made out of aluminum foil. Strings of white Christmas lights and new age music also add to the light and airy feel of this kind of party. This shower also suits plenty of white flowers, as well as the scents of frankincense and myrrh. White, blue, pink and silver make a gorgeous color scheme for the angel shower.

Creative hostesses might want to make a halo for the mother or even rent angel wings for the mother or guests to wear. Another touch is to make name tags or dinner placards that name each guest as a guardian angel of the mother.

Angel cake is a definite must at this kind of party, preferable served up with strawberries, blueberries or mangos. Angel-hair pasta is also another witty choice to add to the menu. A nice angelic looking drink to make is called a Snowball. It consists of Avocat mixed with 7-up. The result is a furry, feathery looking drink which looks like the kind of elixir that an angel might drink in heaven. Pale champagnes and pink milk are also a nice touch at this kind of party as are chocolates and chocolate mousses with a touch of edible gold on top.

Small snow shakers, candles or charms of angels wrapped with pink or blue ribbon make excellent party favors for departing guests. You can also buy the guests charms in form of angel wings to wear around their necks.