How to Decorate Crutches

Accidents happen and you suddenly find yourself on crutches for an extended period of time. Although finding out you need to use them is not a festive occasion you can still cheer yourself and everyone ells up by decorating them with the colors or images you enjoy. It is also a nice idea to turn the project into0 a family invites or have some friends over to help you make them look their niftiest.

Stickers are cheap and easy to apply anywhere. For instance you like dragon or bees or other buts you can cover your crutches with them. Many Japanese cartoon characters make fabulous glittery crutches. If you have a hobby like sewing you can put stickers that relate to that all over your crutches. Band stickers, funny stickers, fan stickers and bumper stickers also look really nice stuck onto a pair of crutches.

You can cover your crutches entirely with bright ribbon. Even thin raffia is pink or green wound tightly around the crutches changes a boring wood pair into a shiny one. You can also wrap colored tape around the crutches to create a striped look. If you use a couple of colors you can make a joyous design.

A hot glue gun is also a valuable ally to use when gluing faux gemstones, beads or seashells to your crutches. You can paint a pattern with them or glue them on randomly depending on your tastes.

Don’t forget that you can get out the spray paint and simply spray them all one color like gold or silver. Red, purple and pink are also nice colors for crutches. Purists might want to spray paint them a glossy black and then glue on a few studs to make a pair of punk rock crutches. Painting them with polka dots is also a fun thing to do. You can get stickers that look like polka dots that you can just apply to crutches too.

A very simple way to decorate them is to paint them using permanent markers. You can use single colors or different colors and draw the shapes you like on the crutches such as hearts, stripes, polka dots, swirls and stars. You can also go for the rock star treatment and ask your friends to autography your crutches for you.

If you want an excuse for some company then this is a good one. Decorating the crutches of a child is also a god way to get the family together for some good times.