How to Decorate Basic White Gift Boxes

One of the most fashionable things you can do for Christmas 2011 is decorating your own basic black boxes in florescent hues. All you need is scissors, and strong glue plus the white boxes and ribbons. For best results, use a glue gun.

Fluorescent green ribbons, beads and fluffy feathers can be used to decorate round boxes. This has the effect of making them look like giant green striped peppermints. The spearmint green color is very festive and looks fantastic against the white of any box. Find little green round baubles or Christmas balls to decorate the top. If you have any type of lime green stickers fasten them in an attractive pattern along the side. You can also make designs in glue and then roll the white box in glitter or sequins to create designs.

Another contemporary and fashionable Christmas color for 2011 is an intense teal blue. Sheer blue ribbons look nice wrapped around a white box. You can also buy metallic blue ribbon and ribbon speckled with silver dots. Polka dot blue ribbons also make a box look very festive.

Another unusual color that looks great wrapped around a white box is neon pink. Neon pink ribbons come in many pleasing hues that can be combined to create a very unique look. The effect is very “strawberry cream soda.” You can find pink pom poms, balls, sheer ribbbons and ribbons cut in the shape of animals or flower motifs.

Dark purple is another interesting choice for decorating plain white gift boxes. You can get fake violets and fake purple eucalyptus at craft stores that looks very nice attached to the top of the parcel. You can get pin-striped purple ribbon, grape colored purple ribbon and very light fuchsia ribbon that looks very nice later together to make a glamorous striping on the box.

A very modern effect is to wrap the boxes in bright orange ribbon. This is very funky and unusual and perfect to give to someone younger in your life. You can get ribbon in orange and green plaid, bright orange, dull orange, tangerine and pink-orange hues. There is nothing quite so happy looking as a giant bow made out of orange silk ribbon tied to the top of a parcel.

You can do the same to a white box with the traditional tomato red, emerald green and white ribbon colors associated with Christmas but in 2011 most of the hipsters are being a bit more offbeat.