How to Decorate an Old House Trailer

House trailers can be quite ugly but with a bit of work you can turn it into a cheery place that becomes a local landmark in your neighborhood.

Start by rehabbing the exterior of the trailer by removing and replacing the siding. If this is not possible then you can paint the siding to give it a fresh, bright look. You can also paint the skirting and plant flowers and shrubs around it to make it look merry and also conceal any damage to the skirting.

Sprucing up the door and steps by painting and staining them also helps the trailer house look a bit better. Consider getting a new screen door or a vintage one made out of cut-out work to fancy up the front of the place. Adding potted flowers to the steps and hanging plants to the eaves can really help make it look more up-to-date.

Inside you can make rooms look newer and fresher by removing old paneling and replacing it. You can also buy paint and stains for refreshing the look of dark paneling. The lighter the paneling you choose is the more likely you are to make the small rooms inside the trailer look larger.

Improving the windows help replace your old curtains and draperies with venetian blinds or modern tie back drapes. Sheer curtains are hip and elegant looking at the same time and let more light into the trailer without compromising your privacy.
Modernizing your flooring can also make the place look a bit snappier. There are wood laminate floors on the market now that look just like hard work. Carpet also makes a trailer look smaller and older inside but if you must have it then replace it with flat easy-to-clean wool carpet in a neutral cotemporary color. Kitchen floors can also be retiled in checkered patterns and stripes to make the kitchen area look larger.

Use mirrors and lighting to update the look of your place, especially in the bathroom. In the living room use frosted and slightly tinted bulbs to add a bit of glamor. Track lighting that focuses on art work or photographs on the wall can also help the place look more up-to-date. Replace any regular light switches with dimmer switches so you can create exactly the atmosphere you like in the trailer. The softer the light is inside the more romantic your place will feel.