How to Decorate a Home Bar With Tacky Tiki Accessories

Tacky Tiki accessories are fun. They turn any home or wreckroom into a Hawaiian paradise.

There are several signature kitsch things that most people need to make this look from the era of the fifties and sixties work for them. First off you need a Polynesian retro home cocktail tiki bar complete with yellow and teal fifties print on the side and black bar stools. You then add signs and figurines to make it look authentic. Wood figurines of Tiki god and candle holders make the place look festive.

Decorating the room with vintage surfboards, particularly if they have Tiki gods emblazoned on them, is also a nice idea.

As far as lamps go make sure you have the God of Money Ambient lamp which looks like a totem pole or carved head of the God through which light shines through.
If you are serving coffee make sure that you serve it up in a ceramic mug shaped like a gaily colored parrot or in one that has a handle like a palm tree. You can also get ones that lookalike the Tiki Island Mugs.

Cleverness in the design of ceramic objects is signature to Tiki style. They are famous for tacky platters with images of waves, flowers, palm trees and girls wearing hula skirts on the side.

You can also get all kinds of very amusing Tiki style punch bowls including a volcano center drink bowl that spurts the punch up through a central fountain.

Many Tiki style party trays are also made of wood and carved in the shapes of leaves, palm trees or other interesting shapes. Tiki style is also famous for the Party Pics. These are cocktail spears and hors d’oevres spears that have things like parrots, palm trees and monkeys on top of them. You can stick these into fruit to decorate cocktails or you can stick them into the side of canapés and snacks.

Hula dolls with bobble heads or hips that bounce and swing are also popular knick-knacks associated with this type of Polynesian décor. The bare breasted woman wearing a lei and a grass skirt and playing ukulele is a classic fun knick knack from this era.

A great item to hang in your Tiki bar is a Floral Ukele decorated with psychedelic green and red flowers. You can entertain your guests by playing if you so feel inclined as well.