Decorating With Glass Blocks

It can be a fun and interesting project to decorate with glass blocks. Glass blocks come in large and small sizes and make wonderful walls and seats for around gardens. They come in all kinds of textures including smooth, ridged and waves. Some have chunky protrusion. They are also a cheap decorating tool. They only cost about ten to fifteen dollars to purchase.

Glass blocks can look quite nice painted. Before you paint it you should clean it with vinegar and wipe it with dry.

Etching the glass can be an interesting thing to do as well. You can easily do this by applying etching cream that you can buy at a hardware store. However remember that etching cream does wash off. However etching cream is handy stuff. You can put a stencil on a glass block and then paint it over.

You can also paint a glass block completely over and then scratch a design in it with wire. This allows the light to shine through in a particular way.
Clear varnish in various tints or colors can also enhance the look of a glass block. You can sprinkle glitter in the varnish to create a wonderful sparkling effect. This type of effect looks especially fetching f you are making a display case for store.

Glass blocks also make nice “shades” for other types of lights. You can ball up some mini-lights and place them behind a pyramid of blocks. You can also make a beautiful block case to showcase anything you like including showers, pictures, candles, lights, treasured objects…whatever you like.

You can also build water fountains out of glass blocks. It is simply a matter of digging a hole for a pond liner and then stacking the glass blocks around it. Glass blocks that are lit from underneath make particularly lovely step style waterfalls. Hoses and pumps can be run from behind and the pond can also be stacked with pretty fish.

You can also stack glass bricks so that they make lovely encasements for round flowerpots. They make especially fetching containers for trees with white or silver bark like beech or birch.

If you do not have a bed frame or legs for your bed you can use glass blocks to set your bed on. This can be quite glamorous looking, especially if the bed is high and you want to build steps to a loft-style bed.