How to Decorate a Funeral Wreath

Some people make the mistake of thinking that there is actually a flower called the Funeral Flower that can actually be planted in a garden but really when people use that term they are referring to the types of flowers that are sent to people after someone has died.

Certain types of blooms are more appropriate to send as a funeral flower than others. Here is a breakdown of funeral flower meanings and symbolism for you.

Aloestroemera – This pink and yellow bloom shows the strength of your bond with the deceased and is more appropriate for someone who has died before they have reached their adult years.

Anemones – Anemones are dark blue flowers that look a bit like a chrysanthemum and they are prized for their dark blue beauty. Dark blue flowers indicate respect and admiration for the deceased

Asters – Dark colored or white asters are appropriate to send for a funeral. They were once burned on Egyptian pyres to send evil serpents away after someone died.

Carnations – Carnations symbolize marriage but they are an appropriate funeral flower for a widower or widow to bestow on their deceased spouse.

Chrysanthemum – These flowers represent the sun and symbolize honor and fidelity beyond death. They are very common at Chinese funerals as they also symbolize a long line of descendents.

Daffodil – Daffodils, especially white ones, are given as a funeral flower because they symbolize the renewal of life after a period of grief.

Delphiniums – Delphiniums are flowers that are said to grow in heaven so they are sent to funeral homes to ensure a safe astral journey for the dead soul.

Gladiolus – This glamorous blossom is known as the Sword of Rome and represents honor, a glorious life, courage and fidelity.

Heather – This simple wild flower indicates admiration and unconditional love for a dear friend.

Rose – This is a universal flower that expresses love for the deceased. The darker the red the deeper the grief. White or pink roses are used to decorate the coffins of young mothers or children.

Statice – This dark violet flower is the classic flower of remembrance and is a standard flower that is usually added to most wreathes or funeral bouquets.