How to Decorate Your Walking Cane

So you have to use a cane. There are all different ways you can decorate the cane so that it looks a little more fashion fierce or fun.

For the holidays it is easy to make your cane look like a giant candy cane. You can simply start at one end and leaving one inch spaces all the way up you can wrap a big fat red ribbon up a white cane.

If you want to rock the place take strings of mini lights that are battery operated and wrap them up the length of your cane. You will never get hit by a car at night carrying one of these.

You can decorate your cane to suit different sports events. You can very easily tape a pom pom near the handle so you can cheer on your favorite team. You can also wrap your cane in ribbons that are your team’s color. Many people with canes who are sports fans hang the club mascot off the end of the cane.

For Valentine’s Day you can decorate the top of the cane with pink anew dared feathers. Another cute thing to do is cover your cane with Hershey’s Kisses.

Elegant ladies have been known to wrap their canes with strings of pearls from top to bottom. Lengths of chain or chain wrapped in ribbon or leather look nice like this too.

For Easter you can wrap your cane in Astroturf and then glue little plastic eggs in the grass. Canes look quite humorous wrapped with little balls.

If you have a sense of humor you can always make your cane into an animal’s foot by stuffing an animal slipper and fixing it to the bottom of the cane. You can also create cane bottoms with nails and claws.

For Halloween a cane can easily be made into a broomstick. All you have to do is attach bristles. It is also easily made into a Devil’s pitchfork by attaching extra prongs.

A common yet elegant decoration is to wrap a vine around it. Canes also look great decorated with flowers.

Another very easy thing to do is make your cane into a scepter. Simply hot gun some jewels and ribbons on it. You can also spray paint it gold or silver from tip to end.

One popular craft project is to make your cane into a giant Daisy. Simply attach the petals just below the ball of the cane.

Just because you have a cane does not mean you cannot have fun with it!