How to Decorate Cocktails With Fragrant Herbs

One of the most contemporary ways to decorate cocktails is with very aromatic herbs. You can just use the plain herb or you can also use it when it is in full flower for a beautiful effect. Here is a look at how you can use herbs in cocktails.

Angelica – Depending on the variety, flower range from pale lavender-blue to deep rose. It has a flavor similar to licorice. Angelica buds are perfect for garnishing drinks made with Sambuca, Pernod or Galliano.

Arugula -. An Italian green usually appreciated raw in salads or on sandwiches. The flowers are small, white with dark centers and can be used to add an intense, sharp spicy taste to Bloody Mary’s and Bloody Caesars.

Basil – Depending on the type, the flowers are either bright white, pale pink, or a delicate lavender. The leaves can be rolled up and skewered along with cherry tomatoes to garnish tomato based drinks. Linguine with Tomatoes and Basil

Borage – These blue star-shaped flowers taste like cucumber. They are good in bloody drinks and gin and tonics.
Cilantro/Cilantro – These leafy green herbs give tomato based cocktails a Mediterranean vibe. They are also great in martinis that have an Asian flair or that are citrus or pepper flavored.

Dill – Bright yellow dill flowers look great floating in a Bloody Mary.

Fennel – These yellow, licorice-scented star shaped flowers suit Harvey Wallbangers.

Lemon Verbena – These cream-colored citrus-scented blossoms add a kick to gin and tonic or gin and soda.

Marjoram – The tiny pinkish flowers can be sprinkled sparingly on top of a tomato based cocktail.

Mint – The flavor of the flowers is minty, with different overtones depending on the variety. Mint can be used to garnish any cocktail you like whether it be savory or sweet. They are particularly pleasant in rum based cocktails such as the Mojito.

Oregano – This tastes smoky and beautiful added to a martini with an olive.

Radish Flowers – Depending on the variety, flowers may be pink, white or yellow, and will have a distinctive, spicy bite (has a radish flavor). Best used in tomato based drinks

Rosemary – Sprigs of rosemary can give a very dry martini and interesting snap.

Sage – The flowers are violet-blue, pink or white clusters and suit a Bloody Mary best.

Tarragon – A spike of tarragon adds interest to a martini or tomato based cocktail. It also suits lime based cocktails well.