How to Decorate Your Home with Harley Davidson Decor

Harley Davidson suits a lot of different decorating eras including the fifties, sixties, seventies and nineties. The style suits all steam punk, Goth and biker themed rooms as well as ones from the fifties and sixties.

The company Harley Davidson makes a lot of different completely interesting knick knacks that can give any room that biker feel.

Not many people are aware of this but you can actually buy Harley Davidson furniture. They make handsome fifties style metal and leather seats that are embossed with images like skulls or the Harley Davidson oil can logo. You can also get pub tables and shield bar style stools. Unique to the Harley Davidson product line are their solo saddle bar stools which have beautiful saddle seats with stitching and studs just like on a motorcycle.

The company also makes a beautiful rolling cooler for storing beer and wine and a unique old-fashioned folding chair plus step stool where the metal and rubber stairs fold inwards into the chair structure.

Harley Davidson is also known for its clocks, mirrors and lighting including its famous fifties style round clock that lights up in neon blue. They also make quite a few clocks that feature Marilyn Monroe and Betty Page look-a-likes perched on their face. They also have reproductions of the genuine motor oil logo done up a big fifties and thirties style clocks as well.

The company also makes lovely door mats, many of them in rubber. They are black cut out mats that look a lot like wrought iron.

Another nice accessory made by the Harley Davidson company are hooks for hanging things that look like the famous Harley Davidson belt buckles.

Even your kitchen can be tricked out in Harley Davidson gear. The company makes a very beautiful cutting board that has the classic logo on it in black. It is made out of tempered glass and has brushed aluminum handles. Of course the Harley Davidson crowd can be quite hard drinkin’ so the company also sells all kinds of beer steins, beer coasters, pilsener beer glasses and beer openers with the company logo on it. You can also get Margarita glasses and drink glasses with the tribal Harley Davidson logo on it. The company also makes an ice bucket and plenty of metal and plastic signs that would look handsome hanging in any retro fifties or nineties style biker style bar or goth style bar.

1950s Kitchen Color Schemes

If you own a mid-century home you might be wondering how you are going to renovate it to make it look authentic. Luckily lots of painting charts from major painting companies still exist and can actually help instruct you on making the most ideal color choices possible.

Here are a few absolutely authentic ideas as to how to use color to make the colors in your 1950s era home look authentic.

When painters approached a vintage kitchen years ago they often painted the bottom cabinets a different color than the upper ones. This is one indication that the décor is from the fifties (aside from the memories that the actual colors bring back to us as memories.

For instance one popular combination would be to have grey colored lower cabinets and white upper cabinets showcased against a celadon green backlash. The kitchen counters and the floor would both be a bright crimson red. Another combination might be both upper and lower cupboards in a misty forest green, a brown floor, a pearl grey counter and a pumpkin colored backsplash.

Montone combinations were popular too. The upper cupboards would be a light forest green and the lower cupboards would be a dark forest green. The counter would be a mustard yellow and the backsplash would have a green, red and cream patterned wallpapaer on it.

Gray and yellow combinations were also quite popular with bright yellow cupboards paired with floors, backsplashes and counters in dark reds and burgundy browns.

Pink and mint green were popular combinations for kitchens. It would be quite common to see a red or almost brown ceramic colored floor paired with mint green cupboards and an aspirin pink backplash. The counter itself would be a pearl white color.

Combining natural wood with painted wood is also a very fifties thing to do. It was quite common to leave all of the lower cupboards in their natural wood state and then paint all of the upper cupboards white or yellow. Mints and teal colors would serve for the backsplashes. All wood kitchen cupboards were not as common but they too would be paired with dark greens, mint greens and reds and sometimes teals, reds and pinks.

Once you have painted your kitchen cupboards don’t forget to update them by adding historically correct looking drawer pulls and cupboard knobs as that can make all the difference as to how authentic your kitchen restoration looks in the end too.