Blinging Out a Sportser Chopper

Sportser choppers are characterized by their sleek long length and lighter frame. They are a slim, light and speedy motorcycle. Some are so ethereal looking that they resemble souped up bicycles. However these are not just pretty bikes even though many of them do end up in exhibits. Many of them are lean, mean speeding machines. In a way you could say this type of motorbike is the perfect combination of sports and art.

Chopper enthusiasts say that sportser motorcycles are the easiest bikes to transform into a full blown new style chopper. This is simply because all you need to do to customize it is extend the front forks to get that distinctive low-riding chopper look. Two of the easiest sportser motorcycles to transform into choppers are the Harley 883e or the 1200S Sport.

The used chopper parts business is so big that you can find practically anything you want on the auction or aftermarket sites nowadays. Another bike that is considered to be a near antique but apparently transforms very easily into a very classy and mod looking light weight chopper is the American made Buell Blast. This is the bike that many professional bike customization experts use as a template upon which to create a more elaborate bike.

However, apparently the Harley Davidson Sportier is the first choice of custom chopper builders when it comes to creating a unique and powerful looking work of art that can also be used in racing competitions. It is traditional, edgy and glamorous all at the same time. Experienced motorcyclists often comment on how the Harley Davidson sportser looks like a chopper should look and makes the loud purring and putting sounds that one associates with a well-made and efficient machine.

Many chopper riders refer to bikes that have not been customized with aftermarket parts and accessories as “billet barges.” A bike bought off the show room floor might be sleek and attractive but it is just not distinctive. A great chopper is stripped, deconstructed and then cluttered with bolt-on chrome parts. Superfluous parts are often removed to give the bike a streamlined look.

Sportsers can also be easily modified into choppers by replacing factory supplied parts with older or cloned parts, outfitting it with wider or white wall wheels and blowing out its chassis so that it makes a fine canvas for airbrush paintings.

The beautiful thing about choppers is that you rarely see two that are exactly alike. Pardon the pun but when it comes to customizing your motorcycle, the sportser chopper is the perfect vehicle for self-expression.