How to Decorate A Place for Low Cost Baby Shower

An invitation is as simple as picking up the phone and verbally inviting the mom-to-be’s friends to your party. Invitations can also be sent by email and there are many web sites on the net offering free e-vites. If you have a budget to mail out invitations, clever invitations can be constructed from colored paper or by making a collage on paper of the themes that match the party. For instance, if the theme is ducks, it is quite simple to make a template in a duck shape and cut out multiples of its form out of yellow construction paper and write the information on the duck. A simple tip: no matter how cheap or handmade the written invitation sprinkling a bit of glitter inside the envelope always enhances it!

At the very least, every baby shower should have balloons. It might also be a good idea to drag out the Christmas lights and string them around the party area to make it look as festive as possible.
It is also easy to make a hand-made banner or sign welcoming the mother to her baby shower using construction paper and a good set of markers. This kind of sign can also be constructed letter by letter using aluminum foil.
Construction paper can also be used to cut out motifs for the party, such as ducks, stars, hearts or pictures of angels. These can be pasted on the wall and also larger versions can be used as placemats. You can also try the old “daisy chain” trick we all learned in grade school, which is to make an “accordion” of folds of paper, cut out a motif, and then unravel the chain to use as a banner.
If you can’t afford a caterer, then get your guests to cater the party for you by assigning them each a dish to bring to your buffet. You can also delegate responsibility by assigning them each an item to bring: for instance, one guest might be responsible for bringing extra chairs, another might be responsible for procuring a videocamera, another ice for the party and so o
Some guests have been known to arrive at showers with laundry hampers filled with well-washed used baby clothes that take the child to the age of five. Another option is to fill a toy box with similar items.
Perhaps the cheapest and most traditional present, is a box of disposable baby diapers. A new mother can never have enough of those!

How to Decorate Your Home Bar

If your home has a little home bar you want to it too look official – like a place that is reserved for entertaining. You don’t want it to look like a second guess or a place to throw mail, paper and other clutter. Also, if your bar is well put together you will be more inclined to use it.

Bars come in many different styles, shapes and sizes. Some are free-standing, some are pushed against the wall and others are simply walls with holes that ct like room dividers.

No matter what style your home bar is the real key is to give it a theme. That way you can tell it from one room to the next. Popular themes are Old Wild West, Rustic Prairie, German Beer Pub, Sixties Mod, English Pub, Space Age (think Stanly Kubrick 2001), James Bond Sportsbar, Carribean bar.

Make sure that you have nice BarStools that people can comfortably sit at when they visit your bar. A bar rail is also a nice touch. If you purchase your Bar Stools online make sure you pick up a discount code from a site like to save some money.



If you are a collector you can use the bar to display anything – like antique cars, dolls, or sports team memorabilia. One of the biggest touches you can give a bar has to do with kitsch. Decorate it with campy antiques for a unique effect.

You might also want to think about the color of your bar. You can use a bar to mix, match with or balance out with other colors in the room. If you really are into decorating you can make the bar the focal point of a room A bar that is red and black and glittering with mirrors is likely to get everyone’s attention immediately.

You can also create all kinds of dramatic effects around your bars. You can add recessed lighting or Christmas lights. You can also add old fashioned Tiffany lights or novelty lights to give it a special glow. You could also consider adding a disco ball, feathered diode centerpieces and clocks with moving images. Lava lamps also add nice lighting and kitschy effects to bars as well. A dimmer switch on your bar prevents it from glittering too brightly when you would rather not draw a lot of attention to it.

If you have an ugly looking bar you can reface it with bamboo sticks to make it look like a Hawaiian bar. Some people have even inset full aquariums in the body of their bar to make it more interesting.