Tips for Decorating Bloody Marys and Caesars

If you are sick of just sticking the same old stalk of celery in a drink don’t despair. Try sticking flowering alliums, which come from the onion family into a drink. These types of “onion flowers” impart a delicate taste to the drink.

A nice way to garnish a bloody mary or ceasar would be to puree some pesto with some sour cream and drool it on the top in a squiggly or spiral shape. Then top it with a sprig of parsley

To give a glass rim an usual “frosting” try dipping the wetting the rim of a glass and dipping it in Jerk Spice or some other type of exotic herb or spice.

If you decide to decorate with olives why not intersperse them with chunks of cheese as well.

The blue blossoms are edible and they have a mild taste that is reminiscent of cucumber. Borage makes a very interesting garnish sprinkled on top of ceasar. They look quite pretty floating in any drink.

To make stuffed mushrooms slice off the stem of a whole, clean, mushroom. With a small teaspoon (1/8 or 1/4 teaspoon), or small melon baller, scoop out the inside of the mushroom. Fill with a favorite dip or fill with bread crumbs and blue cheese and melt under the broiler for a few minutes.

For an unusual garnish for a martini stuff a big black olive with blue cheese and spear it. The blue cheese will also subtly flavor the drink.

To make carrot curls simply use a vegetable peeler to cut a long strip off of the carrot. Spear each curl with a toothpick and then chill them in hot water until they are ready to use. These look great coiled up in a Bloody Mary.

Chrysanthemums are tangy yet slightly bitter buds that in colors from red, white, yellow and orange. They range in taste from faint peppery to mild cauliflower. They add a kind of Asian flavored twist to tomato-based cocktails. They look gorgeous suspended in tomato aspic. Sprinkle the petals in a salad or on the surface of a bowl of tomato soup to add visual interest.

To make a really unusual looking garnish a bloody Mary simply drop one whole dandelion blossom into the center of the bowl or the glass. Make sure you buy your dandelion blossoms from a specialty market. Dandelions add a slight peppery taste to dishes.