How to Decorate With Lampe Berger Dreams of Exploration Scents

One way to decorate that is fresh, new and interesting is by scent! The perfumed oil that is burnt in a Lampe Berger permeates every room and many have very distinctive scents that are so strong that they become part of the décor.

For instance, Lampe Berger puts out a collection called Dreams of Exploration which refers to different cultures on the planet. It follows that you could also decorate a room to suit the scent burnt in a beautiful matching Lampe Berger bottle.

For instance Terre Masai is a fragrance that is an excursion to Kenya. This smells like saffron, star anise, coffee, licorice, jasmine, vanilla, amber and patchouli. This scent would look wonderful in a room decorated with pillows and carpets in animal pelt patterns that is augmented by neo-primitive art and furniture made out of African woods.

The Springs of Mekong is a mix of lotus flowers with notes of bamboo (shiso which smells a bit like anise), cucumber, white cedar, iris and mint. The scent is reminiscent of Thailand and goes well with a spare Buddhist décor. It is a good scent to have burning with a small fountain burbling in the room or maybe a statue of a Buddha. Wicker furniture and grass mats suit this scent best.

Another interesting scent in the Lampe Berger Dreams of Exploration line is Journey to Bahia. This homage to Brazil contains notes of caramel, star anise, lime, amber and vanilla centered around a powerful notes of black coffee, leather and patchouli. This is the type of scent that is perfect for a home office, particularly one decorated with old artifacts and rich brown woods.

A Winter in Russian in another exotic Lampes Bergere scent that combines icy freshness with warmth. It contains cinnamon, cedar, juniper, leather incense and amber. This is a nice set for a home that is decorated with a rustic Slavic look. A winter cottage or chalet décor compliments this beautiful scent.

Polynesian Dream suits a spare Tikki South Pacific décor with bright fabrics and wicker furniture. This scent smells mainly of orange and it has a touch of tiare flower, coco , vanilla and almond. It is a simple scent that is also great for a child’s room.

Echappee a Capri suits the white and baby blue décor associated with the décor of Greece. This fragrance contains bergamot, jasmine, peony, lotus, cedar patchouli and white musk. It suits an old stone house, a cottage or a breezy contemporary condominium with a big view of water.

Even More Ways to Decorate with the Lampe Berger Collection

One the interesting things about the Lampe Berger collection of designer lamps is that they come in a solid ceramic style known as The Twilights. You could build entire rooms of Asian décor around the black ceramic boat style and the Croco style which are dark black glass. It also does not get anymore classic than the Black Generous style which looks like an opaque package for men’s cologne. The company also makes a pyramid shape, a milk jar shape, two black cubes and a grey and a black bingo ball shaped lampe in dark black. These go with any décor. If you like primitive art or have a décor that is more tropical or South Pacific in flair then you might like the porcelain and crackle enamel OGO which features an abstract design of two faces. This line also includes an iridescent silver Bingo ball shape and a pewter colored shape. The good thing about this line is that it is also is very masculine and suits most seventies styles of lampshades that are silver and round.

The company also makes a series of very whimsical lampes based on patterns. It makes an old style animal print lampe that has a picture of a hummingbird on it. This almost looks like an old porcelain egg coddler from the Victorian era. S similar is a little beveled square lamp that depicts illustrations of the four seasons. This style of Bergere goes well with rustic, cottage and country styles as well as Edwardian and fifties décor.

The company also makes a Lanvin bottle shaped amphora that has the illustration of a gold crown imprinted on black that would look good in a slutty boudoir.

Lampe Aphore has also made some incredibly clever Art Editions of it’s lamps. Lamp Fifi is a Russian egg styled lamp that opens up to reveal a gold monkey inside. It is a round blue ball with another circus monkey serving as the handle. The vent is made out of gold and looks like a canopy of stars.

The company also makes one made of Lalique ice crystal. It is egg shaped with tear drop shaped designs on it’s side. This shiny old-fashioned egg looks like a Victorian or Depression era paperweight.

Another wonderful lamp, that is very fabulous fifties in s style is called Planete. This is a silver ball in the shape of Saturn that has star shaped vents all over it.

All of the above are gorgeous curious that would look good anywhere in any contemporary home.. They are so beautiful that it many people have been tempted to make the gorgeous little lampes the center of their decorating efforts.